A collection is an accumulation of objects, ideas or behaviors gathered systematically or randomly by one person, a group of people or by nature, when observed together impart meaning. These collections provide pleasure, comfort and information. Rituals are collections of particular behaviors repeated on a timely basis, usually with some specific outcome in mind. Each image represents a separate portfolio within Collections/Rituals series. Roll the cursor over the image and click to open that portfolio.

Beeswax, Damar resin, cotton cord, ink drawing, on panel

Ink and gouache drawings on watercolor paper

My idea of simply drawing a shape repeatedly over a surface was done purposefully to create an abstract image unrelated to anything other than itself. Eventually however, I could only see the work in this series in relation to the abundance of collections found in nature. Admittedly, as the series progressed, the more intentional the relationship became.
Making that repetitive mark in the smaller graphite drawings was a very meditative experience and I likened the activity of making the mark to a mantra voiced in meditative practice.

The graphite drawings preceded the making of Ritual (the encaustic pieces) and greatly informed the work in that series.

With the larger drawings, my intention was to use the linear mark repeatedly to describe shape and a sense of movement. Large stands of ginger and grasses swaying in the breeze certainly influenced the imagery in these.

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